Let’s Cook: Real men don’t eat Quiche

“Quiche is for girls” was a comment I received recently when we had the alleged non-masculine dish on the lunch menu one day. This reminded me of the comment once used by what I thought was a comedian but through further research found it to be a best selling, tongue in cheek book, Real Men… Continue reading Let’s Cook: Real men don’t eat Quiche

A balanced diet is a piece of chocolate in both hands

The Rice Krispies have been bought, the scot bloc has been broken from the original whole bar into a little mountain of neat, if somewhat waxy and already blemished looking squares and placed into a plastic bowl touching the top of the water in an overfilled pan. In later years I learned that this process… Continue reading A balanced diet is a piece of chocolate in both hands

Trip down memory lane

In most households growing up, you had two options for dinner: take it or leave it, but in our household there was sometimes more than two options. I can only speak for myself here by admitting not only was I a spoiled little meban but when it came to food, I was a living nightmare.… Continue reading Trip down memory lane