Crepe Suzette
Serves 4

100g Plain Flour

250ml Milk

1 egg

25g Melted Butter


100g Butter

100g Brown Sugar

4 Oranges, zested and segmented and squeezed of juice

50ml Couintreu

  • Add a pinch of salt to the flour, followed by the egg and milk. Whisk until all combined then whisk in the melted butter and rest for 10 minutes.
  • Into a hot pan, pour enough batter so it just covers the bottom, as thin as you possibly can.
  • Melt the butter in the same pan followed by the sugar and zest. When the sugar has dissolved, add the orange juice followed by the couintreu. Add the orange segments. Fold the crepes into quarter and reheat the orange sauce.
  • Two crepes a portion is plenty. Arrange the folded crepes on a plate, slightly overlapping and pour over the sauce and serve with ice-cream.

Choux Buns
with Vanilla Cream
Serves 4

½ Pint of Water

100g Butter

125g Strong Flour



4 eggs

150g Chocolate, melted

Preheat the oven to 220°c

  • Add butter to the water with a pinch of salt and sugar. Bring the mixture to a quick boil and beat in the flour. Let the mixture cool and beat in the eggs, one at a time, until silky and smooth.
  • On a lined baking tray, place a dollop of the mixture, the size of a walnut, onto the tray, spaced apart and bake for 15-20 minutes until well risen and golden.
  • Remove from the oven and place aside to cool. Pierce a small hole in the bottom of each bun and fill with vanilla cream. Once filled, dip each bun in some melted chocolate and serve with ice-cream.

Chocolate Mousse with Shortbread Biscuits

250g Dark Chocolate

50g Unsalted Butter, softened

6 Medium eggs, separated

3 egg whites

40g Caster Sugar

150g Plain Flour

100g Unsalted Butter

50g Caster Sugar

2-3 flavoured drops – drop are optional for a little twist to the biscuits.

Preheat the oven to 170°c

  • Melt the chocolate over a double boiler. Once melted, remove from the heat and beat in the butter.
  • Whisk 6 egg yolks until pale and set aside.
  • Whisk the 9 egg whites with the sugar.
  • Fold in the whisked egg yolks and then fold the egg mixture into the chocolate.
  • Pour into suitable dishes and chill for at least 2 hours.
  • Now for the shortbread, knead the ingredients together in a bowl until it forms a dough. This does not take long.
  • Roll the dough out to a thickness of about 5mm. Using the desired cutter, place the shortbread circles onto a lined baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes until lightly golden.
  • Place onto a cooling wire and dust with some caster sugar and serve along side the Chocolate mousse

Lemonade and Summerberry Jelly
With Berry Sorbet

600ml Lemonade – good quality

5 Gelatine Leaf

Selection of Berries – Raspberries, Strawberries and Blueberries

700g Fruit puree – strawberry, raspberry or any flavour that you desire

3tbsp Glucose syrup

x1 Lemon – juice only

Sugar Syrup – made from 300ml water and 200g sugar, mixed together and boiled for 2 minutes


Soak the gelatine in cold water. Take 100ml of Lemonade and warm gently. Add soaked gelatine to dissolve and then add the remaining 500ml of Lemonade. You can fill individual glasses or a bowl for family to help themselves. Scatter in the berries and pour over cold liquid and chill until set.


Place all the ingredients into a bowl together and mix together. Pop into the freezer, whisking every 30 minutes – 1 hour.