Let’s Cook: Sticky Toffee Pudding

My sticky toffee pudding recipe is one that has stood for me, a test of time. A classic and firm favourite with many. The recipe itself came from a chef I worked with in Glasgow and has followed me to where I am now. A couple of tweaks is all it took to suit people's… Continue reading Let’s Cook: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Trip down memory lane

In most households growing up, you had two options for dinner: take it or leave it, but in our household there was sometimes more than two options. I can only speak for myself here by admitting not only was I a spoiled little meban but when it came to food, I was a living nightmare.… Continue reading Trip down memory lane

Mary had a little lamb…

Here on the island, we have very traditional culture, especially when it come to our food. With our crofting way of life we have produced our own food for centuries, ensuring fresh food from croft to table. Lamb is the most common produce when it comes to the crofting community and one of the most… Continue reading Mary had a little lamb…

How’s your New Years resolution going?

1st of January rolls around and everyone is full of resolutions and changes their going to make throughout the year. They vary from "I'm going to stop smoking this year" and "This year I'm going on a diet, I'm going to eat healthily" and so forth. Did you know that the 12th of January is… Continue reading How’s your New Years resolution going?